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Why We Love Fight Sports Centre

The gym we call home – Fight Sports Centre. We’re taking a look at all the reasons to put this incredible gym at the top of your list.

Top 7 Reasons:

We know the reasons to love this gym are endless but these are our Top 7:

1.  Awesome Atmosphere

There’s an awesome atmosphere in the gym. Everyone who comes in is lekker, there’s no inflated egos or lousy attitudes. Everyone comes in to work hard, there’s no judgement at all. If you’re not sweaty and messy, you’re not working hard enough. And everyone drives everyone else to uphold the work ethic. The energy is infectious. That said, it’s also a fun, laid back atmosphere. There’s a lot of joking and shouting. It’s a great place to work out.

We take extra care in ensuring our workout environment is safe for everyone to participate and train without any worry. Overall, you’ll be immersed in an energetic, fun-filled, friendly atmosphere that’ll fire you up when you come in and leave you feeling great when you walk out.

2.  Awesome Members

Everyone in the gym is lekker. There’s no bad attitudes or big egos. Everyone wants to help each other succeed and do better. There is a healthy sense of competition between peers, but also a strong sense of support from the more senior members to junior members. We have people of all races, genders and religions who are all fighting or ‘fitnessing’ and having a jol together. It’s really a tremendous bunch of people at the gym, We wouldn’t be where we are without the dedication, support and commitment of our exceptional members.

3. Feels like a Family

We leave our egos at the door. You’ll train with people who are like you – equal parts fun loving and serious about getting results. There are no attitudes or bad vibes but there is plenty of support from coaches and other members! Our main goal is to support our members and coaches with create a strong sense of community, and the awesome vibe and strong bonds in the gym grow organically from that.

4.  Top Quality Coaches

Our trainers are the best in the game, 120% professional coaches with a powerful passion for what they do. You’ll work with qualified, experienced coaches that will motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve your goals! Our trainers are just as enthusiastic about achieving your goals as our clients are. They encourage our members to push past their boundaries while making sure they’re comfortably uncomfortable. Our trainers are excellent at moderating the workouts to the intensity levels our members should be at to get the best results. Our members have personal conversations with our trainers on topics including health, nutrition, stress and fitness and our trainers give educated answers that deal with specific queries.

5.  Fun, Engaging and Satisfying Training

Our members enjoy  training in the following skills-focused or fitness-focused fight sports methods:

They look forward to each session. They enjoy the challenge, the atmosphere and the other people in the sessions with them, and it keeps them motivated, disciplined and achieving results.

6. Cutting Edge Methods

We’ve put a lot of thought and study into the way we train our clients. That means you’ll get continually evolving training that you’ll enjoy, that’ll pique your interest and motivation, and that’ll make it easier to maintain consistency. You’ll get results that’ll compound over time!

7.  Feels Great! 

Lastly, but most importantly – our members go home feeling strong, confident and FULL of energy. Before their first session, they sometimes start off feeling overwhelmed or intimidated but once they’re done with their first session, they tell us that it’s a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, that everyone was helpful and it was a really great workout. After each and every session, our members grow and develop and feel more confident and capable than ever before. Or they get help keeping their egos in check. Either way, positive experiences!

Imagine training in a gym like this. If you feel that you want to experience what Fight Sports Centre has to offer, and you think you’d be a good fit, click here to apply for a free trial.

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