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The Shortcut to Work-Life Balance

Work-life Balance is Important.

You know that already. If it’s out of whack, you feel the emotional and psychological strain. And it also has a big impact on physical health. Not good for performance. Not for you, not for the people around you, and not for your employees.

On the flip side, proper work-life balance improves physical, emotional and psychological health, which improves performance. That’ll improve the development of the individuals (and their fulfillment) and the company (because of the great employees).

Exercise Balances Work & Home

Many studies have shown that regular exercise is linked to reduced feelings of conflict between work and home. Regular exercise reduces stress, and gives you the mental and emotional peace to enjoy your home life without psychological interference.

First, of all, you already know that exercising releases endorphins, burns out anger, stress and frustration. It makes  you feel good. It also improves self-efficacy, which is your belief that you can face and overcome challenges. Working with quality trainers will also yield noticeable, substantial improvements, you’ll be able to do what you never thought you could. That has a big impact on your own view of yourself, and your confidence in your ability to overcome difficulty. It improves self-efficacy.

Work-Life Balance at Work

Many employees are starting to look to their employers to help resolve their work life conflicts. That isn’t limited to just women either, men are also feeling the strain. The way the world is moving, the demands of work are only increasing. Dual-earner families are almost the norm now. And not only that, but work isn’t just something to do to earn your weekly pay, it’s becoming an important source of personal fulfillment for everybody involved.

Many innovative, leading companies are realising the importance of work-life balance for their employees to improve the office environment, productivity and retention. Studies have shown that the strongest factors for psychological distress and job dissatisfaction are related to work life conflict.

Facilitating exercise for yourself and your employees gives you substantial rewards.


  • Improved mood & health,
  • Substantial ROI that investment into exercise programs typically yields (1.6 to 1),
  • Improved Retention and
  • Better Morale in the Office.

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