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Stress: Embrace the Chaos & Thrive

RSA is the second most stressed country in the world.

Being stressed is an intense, unpleasant experience. If you’re stressed right now, I don’t need to tell you how it can consume you. It affects every area of your life including your personal and professional relationships, your decision-making ability and your health.

You’re not alone if you struggle with stress. According to this Bloomberg study, RSA is the second most stressed country in the world. Higher level, older execs are not the only people who are stressed out. Young professionals, women and the entire economy are hurting from mismanaged stress.

Evidence suggests training recruits a process which confers enduring resilience to stress

Many of our clients at Fight Sports Centre experience stress regularly, and train as a way to destress. Our 250+ clients will tell you how training in fighting sports like boxing, kickboxing or MMA substantially reduces their stress. And not just after each session, the pattern of evidence suggests the theory that exercise training recruits a process which confers enduring resilience to stress (source).  When you exercise, you feel less stressed. The more you exercise, the less likely you are to become stressed.

If you’re just starting out with exercise, or you are considering it, something you must prepare yourself for is that stress can actually demotivate you to exercise. Don’t accept any excuse not to exercise, including whatever your stressed-out brain is telling you.

The flip side to that is, there are studies which seem to show that those who already exercise are more likely to use exercise as a means of stress control. Be aware of this, and make a decision to not allow stress to beat you, rather use exercise to control stress.

Training in combat sports won’t just help you deal with your current stress, it’ll build your resilience to it in the future. Studies like this one show that most competitive athletes in combat sports have a much lower level of general anxiety than the general population, and only 12% are at an average level of general anxiety. That’s amazing.

Learn to embrace chaos and thrive under pressure 

Stress can be a powerful weapon. Managing stress does not mean eliminating stress. Classic research in psychology has demonstrated that some degree of stress is necessary for optimal performance in both cognitive and motor tasks (source). For more on how to reframe stress positively, click here. If you’d like to see field leader Richard Sutton talking about this, check out this video.

AT FSC, you’ll make friends with that feeling of nervousness/excitement. I had fought enough that I was able to play with how amped up I was for the fight. I fought the worst when I had too little adrenalin flowing. Adrenalin is your friend. It makes you faster, stronger, mentally sharper and aware, and dulls your response to pain.

You’ll be dropped into the chaos of a fight when you train at FSC. But only one variable at a time. It’ll be a challenging experience for you, but not so challenging that you cannot handle it. You’ll personally experience the benefits that a “stress response” can bring you. It’s really a performance enhancer.

Many gyms fall into the “AMRAP” trap, trying to get their members to bang out As Many Reps As Possible. If your goal is to be tired then that’s great. Not great if your goal is to improve. Our coaches monitor you carefully to make sure you’re pushed enough to grow but not crumble. We are blessed to have great people with us, who encourage and support each other.

Your coach will guide you through proper breathing to facilitate your performance. You’ll feel the benefits of proper breathing, and you’ll take it with you into your daily life. It’ll definitely reduce your stress and anxiety, and it’ll improve your focus.

When you train at FSC, you can walk in feeling stressed, anxious and drained, and you’ll walk out feeling relaxed, satisfied and fulfilled.

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