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Keto Intermittent Fasting

Keto intermittent fasting is long periods of not eating, and even when you do eat, not eating any carbs, and instead eating lots of good fats.

You want your body to produce ketones, so that your body turns to fat for energy, rather than relying on glucose. That’s why eating lots of good fat is important, and why keeping the carbs low is important.

When you do your intermittent fasting, your body will start producing ketones anyway, because there is just no energy source coming in, and your body needs to break down fat stores for use as energy. When you keep your eating ketogenic, when you cut carbs out of your diet, you amplify that result.

Instead of going for 16 hours without carbs & glucose, you keep your body going indefinitely, and each day that goes by, your body becomes better at using fat for energy.

There’s lots of research on how intermittent fasting reduces inflammation (1) and improves brain function (2).

It’s a great way to lose weight, it’s basic and very effective, and it could also reduce inflammation and the pain associated with that, and also improve the way you think.

So, in summary:

  • Fast for at least 16 hours, and eat during an 8 hour window. You can fast for longer when it suits you.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated. Start your morning by downing 500ml water.
  • Avoid any calories during your fasting period. No sweeteners, flavoured water, nothing.
  • Avoid carbs completely. If you’re not sure whether something is carby or not, google it. Simply put it your questionable item followed by nutritional info, and it’ll pop up. Eg. “butternut nutritional info.” If it’s more than 10g per 100g, it’s too carby and should be avoided.
  • Seeds and oils are great sources of fat. Stock up on flaxseeds, coconut seeds & oil, that sort of stuff. It’s a handy, satisfying, filling snack loaded with good fat and fibre.
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