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Improve Adherence to Exercise by Training with Others!

Everyone drops off an exercise program sooner or later. Whether it’s after one exercise session or after one thousand, sooner or later everyone drops off.

If you struggle to get started or to keep going, or even if you’re a life-long exerciser looking for an extra bit of enjoyment, keep reading.

It takes less discipline and less effort to stick to an exercise program if you don’t do it alone. Studies (like this one) show that you’ll stick to a program better and enjoy it more with a partner.


Because training with a good training partner who gives you support:

  • Gives you a greater sense of belief that you can achieve your goal
  • Creates that accountability helps with decision making, and
  • Emphasises that you can’t just wing it (“I’ll do it tomorrow”) because you have others waiting on you.

Now’s a good time to find yourself a partner if you want to keep moving forward over the holidays (if you’re reading this after the holidays, now’s a good time because what are you waiting for!).

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