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Health is One of the Key Drivers of Success

Everyone wants to make their lives better. Most people pass the blame for their failures and shortcomings onto others. Some few people don’t. Some people take responsibility for their lives, they believe they hold the power to shape their destiny. If you’re not part of the second group, please don’t continue reading.

So if you got to this chapter, you already know that you have some control over how things unfold for you. So, you try to make your life better by reading books, or watching videos or signing up for courses that will improve whatever aspect you want to improve.

Of course, that works. If you want to improve the way you deal with your relationships, you can learn about how to better yourself in the way you handle them. There’s lot of good stuff out there. If you want to improve your financial situation, you can learn about the various ways you can do that. Also, some really good advice.

And it’s all connected. If your financial situation improves, your relationships and your health will improve, because now your are less stressed. If your relationships improve, you’ll have more opportunities for closing deals and securing promotions, and you’ll have better health, since we are social creatures, good relationships are important for good health.

I think we all intuitively understand that health is one of the key drivers of success. If we don’t have our health, it’s very unlikely we will be successful. Health is wealth. What if that is literally true?

Think about it. Of course, if we are healthier we are more productive. If we are sick, we are less productive. That’s obviously true.

Did you know that 76% of millionaires and billionaires exercise daily? 

It’s important to know that, because only 23% of the rest of the world exercises, and only 5% exercise daily. The wealthy know it’s a priority, and have the willpower to act on it. That’s significant. But it’s not something that’s talked about or connected much. It’s easy to miss.

Studies have shown that “compared to non-exercisers, married people who exercise reported more positive marital events and fewer negative ones.” Exercise even improves relationships.

Science knows that the good stuff, like vitamin C (from oranges and broccoli), magnesium (from spinach and other leafy greens) and omega-3 fatty acids (from fatty fish, nuts and seeds) lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce fatigue and reduce depression. The carryover effects to performance and productivity are obvious.

The flip side is also true. The world is waking up to the importance of health for their employees, The first corporate wellness program (Johnson & Johnson’s Life for Life) was in 1979, the global market in 2018 was $46.08 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach $74 billion by 2026. Big business is investing in it because wellness drives measurable returns!

Have you ever been up late to get a proposal out, or to finish a plan, and you grind through it and finish? It’s not your best work, but at least it’s been done, right? What if you had just a bit more energy, even an extra 30 minutes of powerful performance because you chose a complex carb over a doughnut? What if you were thinking a bit clearer, because your prioritised sleep over Netflix the night before?

What if you paid attention to what you were eating, so that instead of losing your temper, you held your emotional state a bit better?

You can continue to prioritise other things over looking after your health. And your productivity will suffer, your relationships will suffer, and your health will suffer. We all know that this is the case.

The problem is that those sacrifice health for performance, receive neither.

Benjamin Franklin is right. Sleep, and the other pillars of health, are key components for being healthy, wealthy and wise.

Priorise your health. Make sure you tick these boxes:

  1. sleep
  2. hydration
  3. exercise
  4. nutrition

Pick one each week, and nail it. See how much better you feel, and how much better you perform.

Of course, this is what we coach. If you want our help, fill in your details here and we will be in touch.  http://www.fightsportscentre.com/contact-us/





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