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Cardio Boxing

Our boxing fitness sessions focus on using boxing to get the excess weight off you, and get you fit and toned. Every workout will work your entire body, it’s great for toning arms, legs, bums & tums.

You’ll learn boxing techniques without ever having to spar or compete. It’s a fun, engaging way of exercising that’ll keep you excited and coming back for more.

Our trainers are excellent at moderating the workouts to the intensity levels you should be doing to get you the best results!

We run sessions only as small group semi-private sessions so that you get that group energy and we can still give you all the attention you need.

You can come in as a group or we can assign you to one based on your goals, age, fitness levels, availability etc.

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From the first time you contact us, we will make sure we understand your goals, your challenges, what success looks like for you.

Attend Your First Session

Your first session will be one on one, and then your coach will recommend a semi private group for you to join, or we will build one around you.

Achieve Your Goals

Our personalised semi-private groups are carefully selected so the culture becomes one of performance, health and collective wellness to achieve your goals.

150+ Five Star Reviews

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