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Why we emphasise the importance of breathing, how we do it in the sessions and the carry-over benefits for you.

Breathing forms a fundamental part of most martial arts, and also fundamental part of not dying. So it’s safe to say it’s one of our most important functions.

You’ll hear us remind you of your breathing quite often. Breathing properly has a number of important benefits:

  1. It’ll keep your heart in a range ideal for burning fat, building muscle, and strengthening the heart and lungs while you exercise.
  2. You’ll make better decisions in stressful situations (like having someone throwing punches toward you).
  3. You’ll feel much better during and after the sessions with us.

Once you experience the difference correct breathing makes, you’ll be motivated to take the time to make it a habit, carrying it over into your daily life. You’ll think better, feel better and look better. For the science behind this, click here.

You can get involved with our technical boxing, MMA & Muay Thai classes, or our fitness boxing & kickboxing classes. You’ll get the benefits with all of them. If you’re ready to apply for a free trial to find the one that’s right for you, click here. 

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