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Your first session will be one on one, and then your coach will recommend a semi private group for you to join, or we will build one around you.

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Our personalised semi-private groups are carefully selected so the culture becomes one of performance, health and collective wellness to achieve your goals.

150+ Five Star Reviews

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We listen to you, and we look after you as an individual.

We take your investment with us very seriously, and we behave accordingly.

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Training modalities

Membership options


One semi-private slot per week
R2000 pm

Two semi-private slots per week
R3,500 pm

Three semi-private slots per week
R5000 pm


Nutritional guidance and practices

Supplementary workouts for you to do in your own time, programmed for you based on your goals and level

Mindset guidance to manage stress, optimise sleep and overcome confidence, assertiveness and self‑esteem issues

Two semi private sessions per week

R4,997 pm

12 Week Sustained Behavioural Change Program

Two-phase program based on cutting edge research to facilitate a permanent lifestyle overhaul

Nutritional guidance, supplementary workouts & mindset guidance

Plant-based supplementation backed up by science to improve hormonal levels, reduce stress, improve sleep and generally make you feel amazing

Two semi private sessions per week

Weekly coaching call

Response time for any queries or challenges of 12 hours or less.

R24,997 FOR 12 WEEKS

150+ Five Star Reviews

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