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From the first time you contact us, we will make sure we understand your goals, your challenges, what success looks like for you.

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Your first session will be one on one, and then your coach will recommend a semi private group for you to join, or we will build one around you.

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Our personalised semi-private groups are carefully selected so the culture becomes one of performance, health and collective wellness to achieve your goals.

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150+ Five Star Reviews

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Personalised Approach
We listen to you, and we look after you as an individual.

We take your investment with us very seriously, and we behave accordingly.

Because failing to plan is planning to fail.

It’s infectious, and it grows and spreads. And it makes the journey easier and more enjoyable!

Training modalities

Membership options


One semi-private slot per week

Two semi-private slots per week

Three semi-private slots per week


 There are measurable benefits to working in groups. But if everyone is starting at different places and going to different places, how can a trainer work out a proper plan?

One on one’s you get the planning but lose the benefits of the groups.

Semi-private training is the most enjoyable, the most beneficial and the best way to get results. That’s why we only offer semi-private sessions, not classes or one on ones. Groups are carefully selected based on age, current fitness, background, goals and personality. We don’t drop you in the deep end. You’ll train with people who have been where you are and who is going where you want to be. If we don’t have the right group for you, you’ll train one on one until we can build the group around you.

Semi-private sessions run all day Mon – Fri from 05:00 to 19:00.
Weekends are an option.
Sessions are 45 minutes.
No prior experience, fitness level or equipment is necessary. 
One, two or three slots per week options are available.
Month to month only, no long-term commitments 


Training in the gym for an hour or two a week can change your life. But if you really want to maximise your results, we can look after you for the other 160+ hours.  This option is for you if you feel you are currently on the right track and want to take things to the next level.

How? Simple nutritional guidelines and practices. No counting calories. No cutting food groups. Nutritional guidance focused on health, performance and sustainability. Looking great is a nice benefit too, and you’ll get these results quickly.

Supplementary workouts for you to do in your own time, programmed for you based on your fitness, strength and goals. Options include bodyweight, weights, fitness, sports performance and more. Convenient, professionally designed, enjoyable workouts. 
Mindset guidance and practices. It all starts and ends in the mind. You’ll learn perspectives and practices backed up by real science that give results very quickly, often immediately. Stress & anxiety will become your allies, confidence and self-belief will surge, and you’ll be equipped with the tools to deal with any of life’s challenges in a better way.

In-gym and online-only options are available. 
1 x one-on-one coaching call per week and 1 x group call per week
Month to month only, no long-term commitments

12 Week Sustained Behavioural Change Program

Two-phase holistic program based on cutting-edge research, real science and extensive experience to facilitate a permanent lifestyle overhaul toward confidence, energy and health.
This option is for you if you feel you have very little control over your health and want to take control in a significant and impactful way.
As with the holistic coaching, we’ll cover nutrition, supplementary workouts and mindset guidance.  
The focus is on building you a strong foundation, physically and psychologically, and turning those practices into habits so that making good choices is EASIER than slumping and falling off the wagon.
This isn’t a 12-week challenge. This isn’t a weekend retreat. 
This is to equip you with the knowledge, tools and skills you need to have a body and a mind that is strong, durable and confident, for the rest of your life. 

 In-gym and online-only options are available
12-week duration 
1 x one-on-one coaching call per week and 1 x group call per week
Two semi-private slots in the gym per week

150+ Five Star Reviews

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